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If you are stuck or have a question with your home learning activities, use the contact sheet to contact one of the class teachers. We will be monitoring the email account and will respond as soon as we can. We will reply between 1 and 3pm on a Wednesday and Friday

General Learning Links

Topic Links Monday 22nd - Friday 26th June

Weekly Overview Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May

Weekly Overview - Read this first

Weekly Overview Monday 27th April to Friday 1st May

Week 3 - Monday 20th - Friday 24th April - Read this First

Also This Week


As our maths is focused around scale factors I have set you a Design projext about a theme park.  Onve you have completed the plan, it would be fantastic if you could construct something to go into your theme park.  You could use lego, construction kits, create something out of junk modelling things, draw it ... be as creative as you can,


I have also added an art task based on using scale to enlarge pictures.  I have included two simple pictures but you could apply the same skill to create your own enlargements of pictures you like.  It is a really useful skill. 


Try to spend some time making an Easter card as we would be doing that in school usually


Keep trying to take part in a physical activity each day and try something different.

Other Actvities To try This Week


• Can you make your own spectacular butterfly design?
• Can you find out about the ‘Mount of Butterflies’? Use a web search then make a poster about what you find out about the mountain and about monarch butterflies.
• Can you make a paper butterfly following these instructions: ?


CodeSpark: the current code you need is: CCKKA


Last Friday we made catapaults.  Can you try and design and make a catapault?  There are lots of ideas you can find online to give you ideas.

Your first task will be to design a great cover for your home learning book.  Set yourself 3 goals you hope to achieve on the first page.