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Church Links

Harvest Celebration at St.Peter's Church

We have very close links with St Peter’s, our village church at Siddington. Children visit the church termly for special services such as Christingle, Harvest, Easter or Leaver’s and to enhance their learning in religious education. 
Reverend Jennifer Mackenzie visits our school on a regular basis, she is a Foundation Member of the Local Governing Board, an Ethos Committee member and she leads worship.
We have visitors from the Baptist Church, the PSALMs Youth Group and regular church members leading Open the Book. 
Church members also hear readers and always come along to our prayer space mornings and community events. The younger children in school invite older residents to their nativity play and the local playgroup come along too - young and old have a good natter over a cup of tea and cake. 

Children enjoy giving the Church themed banners to decorate the walls at St Peter's, sharing our values through special messages and artwork. They also look forward to entertaining community members each Christmas at the Community Rooms. Our annual litter picks help keep the village tidy and our Vision in Action group often help local charities linked to the Church or village needs.

Siddington Singers

Nativity at The village Hall

St.Peter's Church art project

Entertaining the community with some festive songs at The Village Hall.