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Our music curriculum is rich and varied. We base our teaching on a scheme called Charanga from Year R through to Year 6. This ensures that skills are built upon year after year through exciting and age appropriate stimuli. Our school is well resourced for music and our children thrive in this subject- enjoy singing in assemblies and performing to each other.  Within our long term plan there are a range of genres alongside the history of music and famous composers that systematically build skills in performing, composing and appraising.


Our progression in music skills and long term plan can be found below.


Teachers ensure that singing and playing is enhanced through relevant materials linked to the class topic. In addition, children in Years 3 and 4 receive whole class tuition on an instrument (such as the clarinet, trumpet or violin), for 10 weeks of the year. The school also offers a variety of peripatetic tuition to pupils. Private lessons are usually chargeable. The school involves itself fully in local events such as Christmas Concerts and supports their communities by visiting places to perform to a local audience. Our school has musical clubs run by teachers during some terms such as choir and percussion club.