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Maths at Siddington C of E Primary School


We follow the CanDo Maths Scheme of Work.  

Each year group is taught their year group objectives by the class teacher while the other half of the mixed class works independently.

The scheme follows a 'Do it', 'Secure it' and 'Deepen it' process and ensures all children succeed by providing the small steps of learning our children need.

We also use a daily Maths on Track (MOT) session.  These sessions are used to 'master' mathematics, to revisit previous learning and to focus on any misconceptions.

Children are given opportunities to go back and correct mistakes or take the next steps needed in their learning.

Calculation Progression.

Access the document below to see how we develop children's calculation skills at Siddington.

Expectations for each year group.


Please find below the key progress indicators for each year group.  You will be able to see the key learning that takes place in each year group.

Other Information

Maths Curriculum Statement