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We believe that all children need to leave primary school reading confidently and work hard to achieve this.


Children are expected to read their individual reading book at home regularly, to an adult. Children are also heard to read by teachers and teaching partners. Children are encouraged to discuss and talk about their reading when reading at home.


In children use reading books that suit our Sounds Write Phonics scheme (including the Sounds Write books and Dandelion texts).  Once the children have completed the Extended Code in Sounds Write they move to reading Colour banded books.  The books are organised into book bands and the children progress through these, moving on when they are ready.   Fluent readers select from ranges of books, choosing from a range of genres and styles, with age appropriate content.


Every child also takes part in whole class guided reading. The books the children read in Guided Reading are age appropriate and often support the Project or genre being taught in other parts of the curriculum.  During these sessions reading and comprehension skills are developed through a range of activities focusing on: Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Sequencing and Summarising (VIPERS).

Reading Support Booklets - help your child to learn to read at home.

Progression in Reading Skills and Guided Reading book spine.


These documents show you how the skills in reading are expected to progress through the year group and the spine of books that each child will read in Guided Reading.