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Our Values



Our school values of Respect, Compassion, Courage, Truthfulness, Forgiveness and Thankfulness help us to live out our school’s vision. In order to have fun, do our very best and look after everyone in a caring Christian community we have to be able to demonstrate these values. These based on bible teaching and can be particularly seen in the teaching of Jesus in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.


Our values help to shape our Collective Worship. Every term we have a new value as our focus and we learn about what the Bible teaches us about this value and how we can live these values out in our daily lives. Throughout the year, parents are sent a sheet of activities linked to our values or Christian teachings. These provide ideas for starting points to talk to your children and fun ideas to do at home. 



Here is how Eagles’ class explained how our values can be seen in the parable of The Good Samaritan: 

The Good Samaritan shows respect in the way in which he stops to care for someone he does not know and is known to be from a background different to his own. He shows courage in doing something that others are not willing to do and in a dangerous location. Compassion is demonstrated in caring for this stranger and paying for his continued care. The Good Samaritan was true to himself in helping this man. The Good Samaritan demonstrated forgiveness because he forgot about the disagreements between the two groups of people and helped him. We thought that the stranger would have been very thankful for the help that was given and that the Samaritan would have been thankful that he could help someone else.