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Alongside English and maths, science remains one of the main core subjects in primary schools. It is an exciting and practical subject and, as a result, is a real joy for both teachers and pupils. We take great pride in our exciting, practical Science activities that take place each year, from science days (which involve a range of scientific experiments and activities being carried out in each class) to whole school science explorer dome experiences. Through promoting an early love of science we hope to encourage children to continue study in science throughout their education.


In EYFS, science is included within the Understanding the World area of learning. As with other learning in Reception, children learn about science through play e.g. which objects float and sink during water play. Activities such as these help children develop vital skills such as observation, prediction and critical thinking.


For KS1 and KS2 the content of science teaching and learning is set out in the 2014 National Curriculum for primary schools in England. The programme of study ensures that each area is covered at the right level for each year group. Certain topics and areas are repeated across year groups, but with increasing difficulty and with a different focus each time. An additional focus on working scientifically ensures pupils are taught practical scientific methods, processes and skills.


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